Kidwell Caterers/The Madison Tea Room


Jimmie's Market

After 75 years in operation, we are closing in October, 2014 (unless someone comes forward who

would like to continue the business).  The building, 22, 22A and 24 Main Street, is for sale with

Wright Realty of Manassas, VA  (703)368-8136, (ask for Barry Wright).   The listed price is $479,000. 

On this page we will conduct a silent auction on the fixtures and equipment in the store.  Please

scroll through to bid on an item when you see its picture and number, then email me

at with your bid.  Highest bids will be posted in 24 hours (or less).

If you would like to bid on something that is not listed, write (

 or call me at 540-347-1942 and I will add it to the list.  Items may be withdrawn from sale at

any time I receive an offer I can't refuse! Delivery will be end of October.


Item 1:  Heart Pine table made from old barn in Paris, VA by Marshall man (James Triplett) with two matching benches

approx 6' 8'' feet long, 33 inch wide.

Current Bid: $675.00

m #2:  Theo A Koch barber chair, green enamel with mule-skin leather seat, back

and foot rest.  Only 1 for sale   

Sold:  $1000.00 MGrothe

ITEM #3:  Choice of three leather chairs by

Hickory Leather.  All in excellent condition.

Buy one, two or three.

Current bid: Chair 1:$200  


                     Chair 2 $175

                     Chair 3  $175

.( 8/7/14

Item #5:  White Glass ice cream table  with wought iron base.  From a drug store in the

valley.  OLD

​Current Bid: $100

Item #5A:  Black leather chairs including leather

leg covers.  There are 8 of them.  Buy one

or more...

Opening bid:  $20 each

4 chairs @ $20 ea (8/22)

Item #4 - set of 4 ice cream chairs, OLD.  Came

from drug store in the Valley.  Buy all 4.

Current Bid: (for 4 chairs)  $120.00 7/16/14) 

Item #6:

48" round oak pedestal table with custom

cut glass top.  Takes additional leaf, but I

can't find it right now.  

Current Bid: $100. (

Item #7:  Set of 6 cane back dining chairs with blue seats.  Buy all 6

Opening  Bid:  $60.00 (for 6)

On line auction

Submit your bid to

Actually receive item October, 2014


Item# 8:

Scherer Ambiante automatic Cappuccino machine. Built in

grinder, two coffee selections, new cost over $10,000

Current Bid: $600.00 ( 9/11/14)

Item #9:

Stair stool (located at cash regisiter counter)​

​Current bid:  $125.00 (debracope@comcast.

net 7/15/14)

Item #10:

Corner cabinet, hang on wall or set on floor as


​Current Bid:  $30.00 (

Item #12:

4 door wall cabinet, old.  Currently on floor in

tea room.

current bid:  $100.00 (



Item #11

Butcher block top work table.  Jimmie's Market

original equipment, vintage 1939.  Many years

used to make ground beef.  Legs need bracing.

​Approx 6' by 28"

Current bid $500.00
( 8/4/14 

item #13

Set of 4 press back oak chairs, match table

that is Item #6.

 Current Bid $100. (

Item # 14:

Wagner Spice shelf with original sign.  at least

50 years old as Jimmie's fixture.  I bought the

store so Laura Lemley wouldn't get this!

Current bid:  $50.00 (

Item #15 Vulcan Convection Oven 

Holds 4 turkeys, 20 half-pans or

10 cookie trays.  Light inside doesn't


Current Bid:  $350


Purchased by Jimmie Kidwell approx. 1950.

Was level to start with, worn down by cleaning.

Solid rock maple, weighs a lot.

Current Bid:  $2000.00 ( 9/3 )

Item #17:

stacked Washer/Dryer works great!

Current bid:$300 6/26 

Item #18

Gelato Freezer, new compressor, comes

with six stainless and 4 plastic trays and

a good supply of spades.  I'll tell you how

to get really yummy gelato delivered!

Opening Bid:  $500


Item #19

3 cubic foot refrigerator, new 2013, good for

college dorm

​Current bid:  $45.00

(jcorum 7/15/14)​

Item #20

Hershey's Ice cream freezer (old) works great.


Item #21

Little red table near front door.  Paint is

a little chipped.  Comes with 2 black

stools in perfect condition.

Current bid:  $125.00 (KBW) 

Item #22

Berkel slicer (made in Italy) 

Current Bid:   $79.57( 9/12/14)

Item #23 Custom Made greenboard by Robert Groves, 1975.  Approx

3' x 4.5'.

​Current Bid: $200.00

​( 8/18/14)



Item #24

Custom greenboard,

approx 2 x 3', Roy Furr,


Current Bid:  $200.00.

​( 8/18/14)

Item #25

1939 Hobart Slicer used at Jimmie's Market 75 years.  Works good. Spare

switch available.

Current bid: $125.00




Item # 26

Parking space designated by Town as "Reserved for Susan Feeley".  Convienently located, but subject to Harassment by Town Council and


SOLD 6/21, by parking ticket, $10.00

Item #27

Toledo 30 pound capacity scale, accurate to

.01 pound.  Certified by Dept. of Weights and


Current Bid: $61.00


Item #28

12" shrink film machine.  Makes a sealed plastic cover on anything 12" or less in diameter. It's what CD's are wrapped in.  Shape doesent matter, wrap is sealed and shrunken to size.

SOLD to someone with an inside-track


(we have two larger machines as well)

Item #29

Medium size shrink machine (approx 20") comes with film and

it's own heat gun.

​Opening Bid:  $60.00

Item #30

Bunn coffee brewer with 3 warmers.  Makes coffee fast!  Does not need plumbing, it's a

"pour over".

Current Bid: $35.00 (marksimon7368@gmail.

​com 7/9)

Item # 33

Pine wood adjustible shelves about 7

feet high, 5 feet wide, 1 foot deep.  

​Current Bid: $100.00 (cjohnson@

​ 7/14/14

Item #32

Glass door bookcase, about 5' high, 4.5' wide.

Current Bid:  $70.00 ( 7/15)

Item #31

Hobart coffee grinder, originally made for A&P,

light on side that says "Have a cup of coffee"

when you turn on grinder.  We've had it for

39 years, it was old when we got it.

Opening Bid:  $50.00.

Item #35

Glass counter with interior lights.  Approx 5' long, 2' deep.  Originally from Landsburg's

Department Store, 1976.

​Current Bid:  $50.00 (


Item #34

Wood shelves, approx 8'

high, 4.5' wide, 2' deep.  Built to withstand Atomic Attack by Roy Furr,


Opening Bid:  $100.00.

Removed from 


Item #36

Set of 3 dark wood side chairs with cloth seats

Item #37 and #38

Choice of two 32" round pedestal tables with heat-

proof surface.  Each has custom cut glass top to cover


Opening Bid:  #37:   $10.00

Opening Bid  #38:    $l0.00 


Item #39

All wood 32" six sided table with custom cut glass

top to cover tablecloth.  

Opening Bid:  $10.00

Item #40

Glass shelf unit with wood frame, approx. 36" wide, 30" high, 4" deep.

Comes with glass sliding doors.  Before Jimmies, was a fixture at "Back in the Woods".  I'll send the

proceeds to Bette.

Current Bid:  $35.00.( 8/7/14

Item #41

custom made candy shelf, approx. 28" high, 24

inches wide, 3 inches deep.  Made by Roy Furr, 1998

Current Bid:  $45,00​ 

( 9/3)

Item #42

Wicker Etegere, Old, about 40 years,

 not in the best condition, but usable.

Opening Bid:  $10.00

Item #43

Large meat cleaver  Rusty carbon steel.  

Opening Bid:  $45.00

Item #44

Small refrigerator.  Too big for dorm room, good for office back room.

Opening Bid:  $25.00

Item #45

Old Coca Cola bottle opener 

Current Bid: $15.00 ( 8/7/14



For Cash Bid: $1000.00

item#2: .

Item #46

Chaffing Dish Half Pans &Lids (3" deep)

We have 26 half pans and lids each sold as

a set.  Different style lids, pick first come first


Opening Bid:$10.00 pan and lid

Item #47

Stainless Steel work table 5' x30"

Opening Bid:  $100..

Item #47

Coleman Coolers

We use these to transport half pans and cold food.  Red Coolers for hot, blue coolers for


.Opening Bid:  $10 each (give number desired)

​we have plenty

Item #48

NFS Triple Sink

Sink approx. 6' long.  Buyer responsible to unhook.  Includes faucet.

Opening Bid: $150.00